Hello and Welcome to the Schwinn's Homepage. The Schwinns have effected everyone in some way or another with their infectious pop punk tunes and their live show that left people in attendance forever changed. The Schwinn's had to stable members Anthony and Chris Schwinn who just knew that they were going to write songs that would change the world. The Schwinn's first drummer Terry was struck by a severe ear disfunction and was no longer able to keep the beat for some of the most influencial pop punk songs of this decade, so Chris and Anthony had to reluctantly pick up a new drummer by the name of Pete Schwinn. In the history of the Schwinns they recorded one 8 song tape that was released on the infamous Funded By Mom Records and then recorded an unreleased 4 song demo which has never been released to the general public. The Schwinn's were much more than just a band they were a legend in the local scene. Anyone that ever attended a Schwinns show was forever changed by this bands energetic and shocking stage presence. From the opening greeting of "Stay the Fuck out of our scene we're the Schwinn's" to the unevitable pants dropping which was customary at the end of a Schwinn's set. The Schwinns were something special, whether is was Anthony's buzzsaw guitar and rocking harmonies or the rock out bass beats of Chris along with his extra scratchie vocals, this band is one that will always be remembered. The Schwinn's broke up in May of 1998 when all three remaining members died of drug overdoses.

The Schwinns are:
  • Chris Schwinn-bass,vocals
  • Anthony Schwinn-guitar,vocals
  • Terry Schwinn-the skins

to book us for a show mail us at eyeluvkt@aol.com
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