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Welcome to the Funded By Mom Records Homepage
Well since I know everyone likes Mp3's I decided to add a page of Funded By Mom mp3's that people can Download. Funded By Mom Mp3's
. Listen to Funded By Mom's newest band Last Call who can best be described as a mix between Tricky Dick and the Mushuganas. Listen to this Glovebox.mp3 to hear what these guys sound like

Borderline Full Length C.D. Out Now

a ten song c.d. from the ex-lead singer/guitar player and ex-drummer of New Left Standard, Borderline is catchy punk band and this is a solid release that will having you humming tunes in your head for weeks to come, comes with a free patch and is available for only $7ppd.

New Left Standard-"The Life of the Party" 9 song e.p. is out now!!

a brand new release from this defunct Arlington Heights punk rock ska band. only $7 dollars for the C.D. or $5 for the tape and comes with a free patch. If you wanna hear what these guys sound like, listen to this sound clip: twenty-one.mp3
This tape just as any other Funded By Mom release can be bought by following these simple Funded By Mom Mail Order Instructions
Funded by Mom Compilation Volume 2a is now out!! click here for info on the tape
my mom gave me dollars to make this web site