Self Titled 10 Song C.D. on Funded By Mom Records Release 014 Released 7/24/99
features the tracks
1.the college song
2.carry on
3.the song with no name
4.5 O'clock shadow
5.and the band played on part 2
6.knights of columbus
7.flashbacks(demo version)
8.bad moon rising(demo version)
10.secret track(ska song and drunken messages left on chris's answering machine)
I'll have real audio sound clips posted soon

"The Coverless Demos"

This demo was only given out as a promo and is long gone, and had no cover or anything.
1.and the band played on part 2
3.the knights of columbus song
5.bad moon rising(CCR cover)

Patches!!!! yes the brand new borderline patches are finally here
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