The Story of Funded By Mom

Funded By Mom Records was started because me and the other people who help start this label were sick of seeing kids releasing tapes and c.d.s on no label and have there parents put the thousands of dollars up for the studio time as well as the producing and cost of the cd itself. Not to mention the fact that they get their c.ds done through companies who want huge sums of money to put out the cds and are just preying on foolish parents who will foot the bill for "johnny" or "susy's" little band and then the c.ds end up costing 12 bucks and the only people they can sell them too is there relatives or really dumb kids. But anyway thats why I started this. I'm still just getting this started and for now I'm just releasing local bands demo tapes, but soon we hope to release 7"s and CDs all for very low prices. and thats my story

The Staff

these are the people who put numerous hours of work into getting your favorite Funded By Mom Releases on time